SpignerI have been a lacto-ovo vegetarian for 10 years.  My venture into vegginess began with my yoga practice and learning how to hear my body.  The more I listened to my body, the more I heard it saying that meat made it feel terrible.  I edged slowly out of meat eating, but held fast to my (inordinate) love of cheese.  I comfortably sat in my lacto-ovo-ness (that sounds gross) for all of that time.

Full disclosure: I’m not sure I can stick it out as a vegan.  I do know, however, that my father’s third set of chemo treatments has made me rethink my attachment to animal products.  Furthermore, my own recent years in graduate school shifted my focus from my mind-body connection into solo mind-ness.  Away from mindfulness, I steadily gained weight each year (there have been 5, total, so far). Besides moving with less ease, this weight gain brought to my attention the multitude of fibroids populating my uterus for some time.  The long of the short: my lifestyle has become glaring. Something has to change.  I’m less interested in looking at the scale, per se, then feeling comfortable and well while sitting in this body.  It is time for me to treat both my mind and my body as a combined and precious entity.

The healthiest I’ve ever felt was on a plant-based diet.  Several years ago I spent a summer eating mostly raw, whole foods–fruits and vegetables, sometimes blended but never dehydrated.  So, why not return to what I already know works for me?  Oh yes… I remember why.  I love food.  I mean I really love food.   Therefore, the least I can do is walk into veganism deliciously.

As a means of helping myself on my new vegan venture, I created this space to collect various recipes and wisdom from all over the web–sometimes adding my own experience.  Here’s hoping that it not only helps me with my lifestyle shift, but can also add a bit to others.

Oh yes, and I read and study books, as well. Lots and lots of amazing books.  I currently live in Nashville, TN but call Pennsylvania “home.”


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  1. Dairy was the hardest for me to give up! Before going vegan I used to eat cheese and ice cream almost every day. I honestly didn’t think I could live without dairy. It was a challenge at first, but it got easier over time. Now I love being vegan and can’t imagine ever going back to eating dairy. I’m so thankful to have found your blog! I love connecting with other vegans. Celeste 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for this, Celeste!! It is getting easier and easier. I find myself craving all kinds of other things, and being tempted less and less. It reminds me how amazingly adaptable and re-programmable our bodies (and minds) are!!

      Thanks for your comment and thank you so much for reading.


  2. It does get easier and easier for sure. I once, too, thought I would never be able to give up cheese. I have learned that when you crave cheese you are actually craving salt and fat. What helped me a lot at the beginning was to make a vegan substitution for that salt & fat. I would make a creamy alfredo sauce using cashews and some sea salt and that would satisfy me. Avocados work wanders, too, when the craving comes. Wishing you all the best on your new venture! 🙂 Angela


    1. Thanks so much, Angela! I have become a cashew “cheese” fiend, I must admit. I have been so surprised how •not• tempted I am… I don’t even crave it and have been going strong since summer!!! I really appreciate your advice and words of encouragement. I do feel so much better in my skin with this way of eating. I think I’m on board! For real! 🙂 thanks again!!!


      1. You’re welcome! I believe that thinking always of how good you feel and look is a great way to put those bad cravings to rest. 🙂


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