Knife Skills: How To Dice, Julienne, Brunoise & Batonnet by Jacob Burton from Stella Culinary

Every now and again, I try to brush up on my knife skill knowledge. I still don’t have the best cutting techniques, but I’m always trying to work on them. Stella Culinary has some great instructional videos, to this end. Today, just a review of those little cuboids and cuboe: julienne, brunoise, and batonnet.


Kitchen Basics: Culinary Classroom Lesson 3: Knife Skills by Chef Carrie Hegnauer

This is a great video of “knife skills” from Chef Carrie Hegnauer from Johnson & Wales in North Carolina.  Chef Carrie gives a ton of great lessons in this video and her “Culinary Classroom Lesson” series.  I am still working on my claw method, and have been for some time (like, years)–but I have faith that some day, my claw will come!