My Vegan MoFo Pick: Cast Iron Mac & Cheese from Get Sconed

Today’s Veg MoFo amazing deliciousness goes to….

Get Sconed‘s Cast Iron Mac & Cheese!!!

Beautiful. I’m looking sideways at my cast iron, right now.

Here’s a recent ah-ha I’d like to get off my chest: I think I’m over canned fruit filling in my desserts. I had a pastry from a bakery this morning that just made me uncomfortable. It’s Oregon. It’s early September. It wasn’t a miniature pie. It doesn’t seem OK. Look, don’t hold me to this when the zombie apocalypse comes, but that’s not a promise either. I could go either way.

In other recent eats, the very first actual dish I cooked upon my return from my month in New York that did not involve my precious, instant mushroom ramen was some good ol’ fashioned cast iron mac & cheese. It should come as no surprise that it was the one-and-only Isa Chandra who led me to see the cast iron light, and it’s now my go-to cooking pan and my favorite vehicle for baked mac & cheese. The well-loved cast…

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