Festive Root Veggie Hash created for the Virtual Vegan Potluck

vvpLOGOThis type of recipe is all the rage in Nashville, right now.  With the abundance of root veggies during this time of the year, and the incredible nutritional value of these delicious, colorful tubers and such, they are the perfect addition to your next food gathering–one like the amazing Virtual Vegan Potluck, for which I finally created and posted this recipe, or one in person!

Pick your favorite root vegetables.  I have listed, for the recipe, my favorite combination for this dish.  If you are missing carrots, for instance, add those.  Adjust the spices to vvp_fiw_badge2 (1)your own taste.  If you are looking for a sweeter hash, consider things like ginger, allspice, and nutmeg.  I prefer to make this with the fresh rosemary from my garden (which will last throughout the winter, here), a mix of cracked peppers (black/red/green/white), salt, and a little cayenne.

Also, consider adding a slice of the best marinaded baked tofu (ever!) or a vegan poached egg on top of the hash when serving.  The addition makes this a perfect 1-bowl meal.

Image courtesy of Simon Howden / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of Simon Howden / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Festive Root Veggie Hash

Prep time: 25 min
Cook time: 45 min
Total time: About 1 hour 10 min
Yield: 4 servings


  • 3 to 3-1/2 pounds root vegetables: beet, sweet potato, celery root, parsnip, turnips and/or potatoes
  • 2 medium onions, peeled
  • 1 whole bulb of garlic, cloves separated and peeled
  • 1 tablespoon plus 2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oil (softened), or grapeseed oil
  • 3 tablespoons of finely chopped rosemary, separated
  • Freshly ground pepper
  • 1/4-1/2 teaspoon ground cayenne
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt


  1. Preheat oven too 400 degrees.
  2. Prepare the root vegetables.  Keep the beet separate from the rest of your veggies (even when roasting), so that they don’t make everything beet colored.  Peel beet and celery root. Cut all of the veggies into a 1/4 to 1/3-inch dice:  first cut 1-inch-thick slices, then cut each slice into 1/4- to 1/3-inch thick strips; cut crosswise to make 1/4- to 1/3-inch dice. Cut the onions into eights through the root ends, leaving the wedges intact. (You should have about 8 cups of vegetables.)
  3. Place all of the veggies in a large bowl (except beets), and toss with oil, 2 tablespoons of rosemary, pepper, cayenne and salt.  Drizzle the beets with a little oil and toss.
  4. On 1 extra large (or 2 large), parchment paper lined cookie sheets lay the onion wedges cut side down, randomly on the pan. Scatter the root vegetables over the rest of the pan.  Place the garlic cloves, interspersed among the root vegetables.  Try to get everything in a single layer, if possible.
  5. On 1 small, parchment paper lined cookie sheet, scatter the beets.
  6. Roast, turning the vegetables every 15 minutes or so with a spatula, until they are tender and golden, about 45 minutes.
  7. Remove from the pan and sprinkle the remaining rosemary and some fresh pepper (toss if you like).
  8. Spoon 1/4 of the mixture into a bowl, top with Mmm-mmm Tofu, and serve.

Notes:  The cooked hash can be stored, covered, in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Warm in a nonstick skillet over moderate heat.

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32 thoughts on “Festive Root Veggie Hash created for the Virtual Vegan Potluck

  1. Thanks so much!! It is a bit labor-intensive (if you find dicing labor intensive–I tend to consider it quite soothing), but so very worth it. Thanks for your comment!


    1. Thank you so much for encouraging me to participate. I think I’m a lifer!!! Still working on the photography… Plan to have it together by next round.

      Thanks for all that you have done for us, as a community! You are the best!!


    1. No kidding! I actually love baking and slow soup making on the stove as a supplement to my heat! Makes the house all cozy. Thanks for visiting and for your comment.


    1. That is another great accompaniment idea! I think part of my winter cooking goals is to get a good recipe for veggie sausage under my belt. Thanks a lot and please come back!!


    1. Thanks! I feel like we have more than an entire season of recipes from the potluck. It’s going to be a tasty fall, for sure.


    1. It is so easy and delicious, not to mention completely customizable! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


    1. Absolutely and to your particular tastes! It is a wonderful way to eat with the season. Thanks for reading!


    1. Nashville is really trying to put itself on the map with food, in particular. I’ve been here for 4 years, and it has come leaps and bounds. Thank you for coming by. If you ever need a recommendation while you are visiting, just let me know.


    1. I know, Keely! I’m working on my photography. I think it would have been worse to have a terrible pic out there. I’ll repost with a pic when I get a great shot of the dish. You are right! It is very colorful!! Almost as pretty as tasty. Almost. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much!!! I was SO SURPRISED. It is such an honor, especially amongst such amazing company!!!


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