Chocolate Monday meets Meatless Monday: News from HuffPost

Meatless Monday: (Vegan) Chocolate Makes Everything Better, and Other Sweet Truths from Fran Costigan

Posted: 11/04/2013 10:11 am on Huffington Post

by Ellen Kanner

More than 150 pounds of chocolate, 100 pounds of cocoa powder and 20 years of sweet experience went into “Vegan Chocolate,” the new and already bestselling cookbook by pastry goddess Fran Costigan. With tarts and truffles, cookies and creme and shower-stoppers like Sachertorte and Costigan’s childhood favorite, Brooklyn Blackout Cake, it’s a chocolate orgy that’s absolutely plant-based.

Check out Fran Costigan's book on Amazon and her page for more information.
Check out Fran Costigan’s book on Amazon and her page for more information.

A classically trained pastry chef gone vegan, Costigan admits, “Vegan desserts had a bad rep to overcome.” Rather than suffering through a dusty-tasting carob cube masquerading as a brownie, for a time she shunned all sweets. This did not sit well with her family. Her son announced, “You’re not giving me a baked sweet potato for my birthday. Figure it out.” She did.

“A beautifully-made vegan chocolate dessert, with high-quality chocolate tastes as good — or better” than the same dessert loaded with cream, butter and eggs, says Costigan, who subtitles her book “Unapologetically Luscious and Decadent Dairy-Free Desserts.” Turns out all that dairy traditional pastry chefs swear by doesn’t do a body good and doesn’t help the dessert, either. “The more fat that’s in a recipe, the less intense is the taste of the chocolate.”

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  1. Thank you for sharing the Huffington Post article and information about Vegan Chocolate.



    1. Nikki Spigner says:

      My sincere pleasure, Fran. I can’t wait to get the book (it’s on the way as I type)!!!


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