Breadtopia Whole Grain Sourdough Bread Baking

Ok, so this link right –> here <– is the instructions I used for my very first no knead bread.  Thank you My Sister’s Kitchen!  It is a wonderful set of instructions, and works really well.  It is actually this set of instructions that produced the bread that started my obsession with sourdough bread baking.

Below are two videos by Eric Rusch, closely resembling the instructions, above.  Eric’s instructions include a first rise to which, after 12 hours, additional water, flour, and salt is added.  He also makes this bread a 3 day process, while the instructions from My Sister’s Kitchen produces a loaf within a day. I suggest trying each way and figuring out which works best for you! Breadtopia has a GREAT set of different bread making videos and written instruction pages that are, quite frankly, wonderful.  So, please explore!


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