Newsworthy (for real): “7 Ways to Eat Good on a Hood Budget” by Stic of Dead Prez

So, my own way to eat on a budget (grad school  money, y’all) is to keep the pantry stocked nicely and then supplement with fresh food.  I get paid once a month, and have figured out that my “treat,” when I get paid, is to restock the pantry with dry goods to last throughout the month.  I strategize.  For instance, this month it is rice month–I chose a variety of different rice types and am trying out different recipes for each (you’ll be seeing more of this).  It is also apple season, so I’m baking more with apples.  I try to stay in season but to also think about what the month will look like, so that I can make my 1st-of-tha-Month run fun and worthwhile (and within my budget).

Anyway, Stic of Dead Prez has his own (amazing) ideas of “good eating” while still watching the pennies.  Caught this article posted on Plant Based On a Budget.  Read it!

7 Ways to Eat Good While on a Hood Budget by Stic of Dead Prez founder of RBG Fit Club

In the work I do in promoting holistic health and fitness through the RBG FIT CLUB, I have run into the following sentiment more than a few times: “I want to eat healthier but it’s too expensive!”. Many people are interested in ways to upgrade their diet without breaking their bank. Well, I can dig it. And since I been striving to sustain the healthy grind in my life personally since way back in the food stamp days, I think I may have a few tips to share.

The following are 7 Ways to Eat Good While on a Hood Budget. But bottom line always remember, we can pay now or pay later (in suffering and doctor bills etc) when it comes to our dietary discipline and choices.

1. Choose Produce not Packages: People think eating healthy is about buying a lot of expensive boxes and packages of processed foods, but that isn’t the case at all.

Read the rest, here.


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