Kale Chane Curry (Bengal Gram, chickpea curry) by Eat East Indian

My father asked me the other day:  “where is your protein?”  Ok… well… first off, there are some folks who say we (Americans in this case) eat WAY too much protein.  But, more than that, we get protein from all of the vegetables (some more than others) and fruit (particularly dried) we eat, along with those things we identify as protein sources.  So yes, Dad.  I am getting lots of protein.  Plus, I eat a whole lot of beans and mix it up with smaller servings of nuts, just for fun.

So, with my dad in mind I pass on this recipe for a protein-packed pressure cooker!!  Beans, beans, their good for your heart, and muscles, and brains, and tummy…

Oh, and this is not kale, as in the leafy veggie… this is kale chane (kah-lay chan-nay).  Sorry if you got lured by the promise of greenness..  But, stick around (and click play, below); you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks to Aditi at Eat East Indian, for this!


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