Restaurant Bliss: Blue Sage Restaurant in Southampton, PA

My summer is drawing to a close.  But, even with a trip to New York (oh, I had some foooood there), I have to say my greatest food surprise was in Southampton, PA.  About 20 miles west (west-northwest) of Philadelphia, on the southeast corner of Bucks County lives Blue Sage Restaurant.  This is actually a vegetarian restaurant, but many of the menu items that are not already vegan are easily made vegan, easily.

If you have the chance, go. to. this. place!  Right after ordering, we received a basket of bread, including a soft and delicious pumpernickel and a bowl of warm, white bean with paprika dip.  Oh dear.  The perfect compliment to the bread, the savory, smokey spread brought out a sweetness in the pumpernickel.

We officially started the meal with savory plantain, done in tostada fashion, with wasabi crema (vegan) and sesame flavored black beans, mashed and surrounded by mango salsa.  My nephew, notoriously finicky, tore UP those plantain.

Empanadas a la Blue Sage
Empanadas a la Blue Sage

My entree (see above), was an amazing empanada on a bed of lima beans.  The salad of golden and red grape tomatoes, mango, and avocado topped with watercress balanced well, although I did really (really) enjoy my mother’s avocado and corn salsa with the empanada, a bit more.  But seriously, folks… it’s not a real complaint.

So delicious.  Thank you Blue Sage.


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