Baiganee Recipe (Vegetarian spice battered eggplant) by CaribbeanPot

Do this.  Seriously.  Not often, because these are seriously fried, but oooh, the flavor!!  Oh, and watch out for the scotch bonnet pepper (known to some as habanero).  Seriously… if you use scotch bonnets, please (please) use gloves.  Real real talk.

But back to “doing this”… If you do not know Caribbean food, I suggest that you give it some serious consideration.  If you like bold flavors of pepper, cumin, cardamon, and curry… If you are comforted by rich, savory stews and rice dishes… If you appreciate mango, plantain, pineapple, coconut and other hearty and cookable fruits… If you like any or all of these things, get thee to your local vegan-friendly Caribbean restaurant.

There are more and more Caribbean restaurants offering vegan alternatives.  For instance, the Nashville Farmer’s Market is graced with Jamaicaway, which has a ton of vegan choices on its menu.  North Philly loudly claims Caribbean Feast.  Go now… well, after you watch the video… and find your local vegan-friendly Caribbean restaurant.

Know that CaribbeanPot is not vegan, but I can’t express how much I recommend checking out the site (if you can handle meat pics) and think about the available recipes.  It is a great place to look for seasoning combinations and cooking techniques.  Chris has a vegetarian section where you will find many vegan recipes and veggie recipes that are easily altered (made vegan).

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