Chocolate Monday: Pecan Date Truffles by The Detoxinista

This is an awesome way to make candy with no refined sugar. I love dates and look for any reason to use them.  Mejool are the diamonds of the date world, surely, but this also works with their less fancy cousins.  I suggest looking for dates that appear sticky and almost wet in the package.  Often, cheaper dates are somewhat dried out.  The key to buying cheaper dates is the stickiness of the date.  I often buy tubs of dates at my local international store, picking the darkest, glossiest, stickiest of the bunch! They are, in and of themselves, damned near candy. Add some chocolate and pecans and, voila! Near becomes actual.

By the way, these are also gluten free.

Thanks to Megan, The Detoxinista, for the amazing recipe that can be found in the original post (link below). Her site has lots of great vegan, healthy recipes and great cooking and nutrition guidance. Her recipe has step-by-step, gorgeous photos.


Image courtesy of The Detoxinista
Image courtesy of The Detoxinista

Original post, here.


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