Vegan Food Pyramid

First off, I want to admit that there are a ton of different food pyramids out there.  I am sharing the pyramid from with you because it is the pyramid that makes the most sense for me.  But, let me be completely honest:  This one works best for me, in part, because I have a pitta-kapha constitution, and my kapha is well out of whack.  Thus, backing up from grains (which sometimes serve as the base of a pyramid) moves up for me.  I might actually pull back from grains just a bit more.

I chowed down on bready foods a few days in a row, recently, and my entire system went into a coma.  Really, I just felt bloated, heavy, and slow.  In the words of my yoga teacher, “eat the foods that make you light.”  And, so… I lean a bit more towards balancing protein and grain, and am staying away from too much wheat.* What seems most important is eating the food that makes YOU feel good.

And, if you aren’t sure what that is, consider eliminating things from your diet and slowly reintroducing them, listening to how your body reacts to the reintroduction.  Oh, and I don’t suggest that you eliminate vegetables during your experiment   This pyramid is the one that makes me feel good.

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Image courtesy of

*Please note that I am not gf, nor do I believe that everyone should have a gf diet.  Instead, it makes sense that foods should be balanced–thus wheat cannot be the only grain (maybe not even the primary).


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