Chocolate Monday: Raw Chocolate Shortbread Bars by The Rawatarian

Shout out to the raw foodies out there!

I love nut flour, so this was not a hard sell for me.  The pictures didn’t hurt, either.  Laura-Jane, The Rawatarian, has a phenomenal variety of recipes, many of which require only basic kitchen appliance.  More, each of her recipes has a host of hints that she offers to troubleshoot the recipes.  Certainly, check out original post (link below) for additional help with this recipe.

Image courtesy of The Rawatarian.
Image courtesy of The Rawatarian.

Raw Chocolate Shortbread Bars

Shortbread ingredients:
1 cup cashews
1 cup dried, unsweetened coconut
1/2 cup dates
1/4 teaspoon sea salt

Chocolate ingredients:
1 cup cashews
1/3 cup coconut oil
1/3 cup maple syrup, honey or agave nectar
1/4 cup lemon juice
3 tablespoons raw cocoa powder
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1 tablespoon water
1/8 teaspoon salt


1. Process: Place all shortbread ingredients in the food processor. Process until the mixture sticks together and the dates are well processed.

2. Dump shortbread mixture into your pan. Press the crust down firmly in your dish with your hands. (Shortbread base is now done.)

3. Blend: Place all chocolate mixture ingredients into a high-speed blender. Blend until very smooth.

4. Pour/deposit chocolate mixture on top of shortbread, similar to pouring icing on brownies. Smooth with the back of a spoon.

5. Freeze: Cover and freeze for at least 1 hour. Always store these in the freezer.

6. Eat! I like to slice a frozen piece, then let the slice thaw out on the counter for 15 minutes or so.

Original post, here.


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