How to Upgrade Your Coconut Date Rolls

Jewel Date Co from California
Jewel Date Co. from California

So, I have been spending a lot of time with my father, and he recently educated me on the absolute perfection known as: the combination of dates, coconut, and pecans.  Yes, oh yes.  He told me that he used to pit dates; stuff them with pecans; and then roll them in coconut.  Yes.  Yes, I will do this and probably serve them at the next get together I have.  I’ll tell ’em Donald Wayne sent me.  But, in the meantime…

You know those amazing date coconut rolls that you spend a million dollars buying at the market?  Yeah those.  Me too, I’m not judging.  Do you want them to be a million times better?  Right.  Ok, a trillion.  Get you some pecans, and if you aren’t “all raw all the time,” make sure they are just a little toasted (or not, up to you). Chop the pecans into smaller pieces, but not too fine.  Then, cut your little coconut date roll into 3rds (or 4ths, depending on the size), and press one sticky side into the chopped pecans.  Pop in your mouth and eat ’em up!

In the words of my father, “the pecans…. balance… they balance the sweeteness of the date.”

Thanks Dad!

Maybe you are someone who has skipped the market version, and simply uses their date stash for the occasional batch of homemade coconut date rolls.  I probably will do this one day, but I honestly find that the cost of date rolls is about the same as it would be if I made them myself.  Although, with this pecan discovery, I surely might rethink them.


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